At Bayview Slipway Marine, the satisfaction of our customers is our number one objective. We understand that customers have a choice as to where to take their boats for maintenance and repairs. Our goal is to ensure that you our customer keeps coming back to Bayview Slipway Marine and that you tell all of your boating friends about our excellent customer service.

Our facility is equipped to handle the most challenging of jobs.  We have ample space for boat trailer repairs in our extensive car park. We have in-water work berths able to accommodate up to 65 feet/19.8metres. We are one of the only Slipways that can slip catamarans to 22.6 feet/6.9metres wide.

Our experienced tradespeople can paint your boat, remodel and refinish the interior, repair or re-do your gel coat, service your engines and generators, trouble shoot and correct electrical and/or refrigeration problems, design and build customized lifts, repair or upgrade your electronics and/or entertainment systems, and perform just about any task that you require.

Detailed List of Services

  • Air conditioning and refrigeration
  • Antifouling
  • Antifoul Removal
  • Boat Detailing
  • Bottom Painting, blister repair and Zinc replacement
  • Covers and canopies
  • Electrical
  • Electronics and Entertainment Systems
  • Engine and Generator Servicing
  • Fibreglass and Gelcoat repairs
  • Flooring
  • Haul out and Launch
  • Insurance Work
  • Interior Refinishing and Carpentry
  • Osmosis Repairs
  • Refits, interior and exterior
  • Running Gear, including cutlass bearings, propellers, stabilizers and bow thrusters
  • Spray Painting
  • Survey Slips
  • Topside & Superstructure Polish
  • Underwater Lights

Underwater Gear

Our experienced staff will pressure clean the bottom of your boat/yacht, sand and scrape it if need be, and carefully inspect it for blisters or any other signs of problems. We work with all major paint manufacturers including Altex & International and will paint the bottom of your boat/yacht to protect it until the next slip. As a courtesy, whilst the boat is slipped, we will also inspect your rudders and shafts and replace your cutlass bearings if necessary. We can also have your propellers pulled and sent out for repitching.

Gelcoat Repairs and Painting

At Bayview Slipway Marine, our experienced Tradespeople can fix minor scratches or make major repairs to your fiberglass and gel coat.

Modern advances in paint technology now allows you to choose and/or customize the colour of your boat/yacht’s hull and match it to your hardtop.

Our painters elaborately prepare the work area to protect the environment prior to beginning the hull preparation. We carefully correct any deficiencies in the gelcoat prior to the application of the paint. We also protect and tape all areas not being painted to ensure that there is no overspray and/or spillage.

Bayview Slipway can facilitate:-

Sharing the same facility as Bayview Slipway Marine are a number of marine specialty companies that provide complementary services to those provided by Bayview Slipway Marine. The idea being that the most sophisticated and demanding boat owner can come to our facility and have all of their boat’s needs taken care of.

Rigging for variety of traditional and modern rigging services, from standing and running rigging on yachts to traditional rope work and all splicing.

Marine mechanical and electrical specialist in all Industrial and Marine Engine Brands and Supply parts, dedicated to offering the best service of Genuine Diesel Engine Parts and servicing, who also specialise in all types of marine electronics including audio visual entertainment systems